Guilty Pleasure #001: Flatlander Taco Grinder

When it comes to culinary guilty pleasures, I have my fair share. While this blog is called Grand Forks Gourmet, man cannot live on fine dining (or something close to it) alone.

When it’s 3 a.m. and no other place is open except the gas station, there’s nothing much better than the Flatlander taco grinder. It’s made, apparently, by Flatlander Foods in Devils Lake, so you can feel good about supporting a local company.

If it’s quality ingredients you’re looking for, don’t count on it, as this grinder has pretty much the bottom of the barrel stuff, especially the cheese. But when they all come together, it’s delicious and most likely the best post-bar, early-morning snack you can get, especially when nothing’s open.

Blaringly orange cheese is paired with a Mexican-spiced beef mix along with ham on a split white bread roll.

You’re technically supposed to heat it up in the microwave for a few minutes, but I’ve found that they’re still good cold. The taco filling is pre-cooked so no worries about getting sick, although you never really know with gas station food. Plus, you should have a pretty hearty stomach if you want to put away two of them.

Stay tuned for more guilty pleasures of some not-so-gourmet fare.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?