Barbecue Lovers Rejoice! ‘Wild Hog’ Heaps On the Smoked Goodness

In full disclosure, I have not yet made the trek down South Washington and smelled the no-doubt delicious aroma that is likely permeating through every inch of Wild Hog…. yet. But it won’t be long.

Wild Hog logo

What used to be Jake’s at 4401 South Washington has been re-branded as Wild Hog, with an emphasis on smoked chicken, pork and beef. They’ve brought in a commercial-sized smoker and it is, to my knowledge, the first place in town to actually smoke the meats on site. That alone is enough to give it a try.

I had been to Jake’s one time in the past. There’s a big, horse-shoe shaped bar that is the focus of the east dining room, and there’s plenty of seating. I know I ate something, but I can’t remember exactly so I can’t say how it was. One thing that intrigued me was what they call the Spike, a deep-fried polish sausage that lets you know when it’s done by splitting open from end to end. Out east, they call it a ripper and there’s probably a few other names. Needless to say, it’s an artery clogger but sounds awesome and I am happy to report they’ve kept it on the new Wild Hog menu.

The new menu includes wings, wraps, salads burgers and gourmet lavosh. But what sounds really good is their house-smoked meats. I’m a sucker for a well-prepared slab of ribs.

So, looking at the menu, good ribs are just one more thing that Grand Forks has finally been included on.

They’ve got a dry rub, honey bbq rub and a rhubarb rub, which I’ve never heard of before.

You can get a whole smoked chicken, smoked pulled pork, or smoked beef brisket as well. Pile it high with a combination plate, two meats for $15.99 or three meats for $19.99. That’s likely what I’ll get when I slink in soon.

Before digging into the Wild Hog sandwich

Perusing the Wild Hog’s Facebook page, I stumbled upon what is likely one of the best eating challenges in town. You get 30 minutes to complete the Wild Hog Challenge. It’s a gut-busting sandwich with a pound of pulled chicken, a pound of pulled pork and a pound of beef brisket topped with honey barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions and a pickle all on Texas toast. Oh and don’t forget the half-pound of French fries to equal everything out. It’s a vegetarian’s nightmare, but a carnivore’s delight.

So it’s looking great for the good people at Wild Hog, doing their part to deliver meat in smoked form to south Grand Forks. I’ll be seeing ya soon.

Phone: 701.757.4263

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