The Dirtiest and Cleanest GF Restaurants

Twice a year, the Grand Forks Health Department does inspections of local food joints and assigns them a score out of 100 and counts the number of critical violations.

Now, a “critical violation” could be something like a low temperature reading on a food item. It results in a five-point reduction in the restaurant’s score. Something like a dirty floor would merit a one-point reduction. Just to note, the ratings are a snapshot of the business at the time of inspection and conditions can obviously fluctuate from day to day.

The critical violations “can directly affect the safety of a food,” according to the Health Department.

Most Grand Forks restaurants had from 0-2 critical violations, but there were a few with three: Golden Corral (3251 32nd Ave. S.), Great Wall Buffet (3555 Gateway Drive), Perkins – South (1305 S. Columbia Road). And just for good measure, Grizzly’s also had three critical violations, but as you probably know, it’s closed.

But, it’s not all bad in the sanitary department. There were some places that had a perfect 100 out of 100 score: Altru Rehab Express, Dairy Queen (1205 S. Washington), Five Guys Burgers & Fries (3221 32nd Ave. S.), Papa Murphy’s Pizza – South(2750 Gateway Drive), Taco John’s (2651 24th Ave. S.), Super Target Food (3601 32nd Ave. S.), Valley Dairy (2401 S. Columbia Road).

Getting the lowest score with 71 out of 100 was the Golden Corral when it was inspected on September 13. Re-branded as “Iron Kettle,” it was inspected again on November 17 and got a 75. I’d avoid that place… but I’m just not a buffet fan.

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7 thoughts on “The Dirtiest and Cleanest GF Restaurants

  1. There are only a few places that had double 100’s!! I work at one of the one’s that did that!! Go Taco John’s #3 on 24th Ave S!

    • Thanks, Jessica! You can view the Fargo health inspections here

      The site isn’t as easy to use as the Grand Forks one, with just the one PDF. Plus, you have to make an account to view the Fargo reports, but it’s free.

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