‘Drunken Noodle’ Opening Soon; WDAZ to Tour Friday

Yet another thing from Fargo we’re finally getting: the Drunken Noodle.

It’s from the owners of Little Bangkok in East Grand Forks, Thai Orchid in Moorhead, and LeeLa, Wasabi, and two Drunken Noodle locations in Fargo.

I haven’t written anything about Little Bangkok in EGF, but I am a huge fan. Not for the sushi, as I can’t stomach it, but for their curry soups and Pad Thai. Anytime there’s Pad Thai on the menu, I order it, and it’s always been good. It’s a noodle dish with your choice of meat and some peanuts among other things. Now if they could just change the name of the place.

Pad Thai

But I am extremely excited to hear that Drunken Noodle will fill the vacant Applebee’s on the East Grand Forks boardwalk and will be opening in the next few weeks. I expect to get an actual date of opening on Friday. WDAZ reporter Melanie Orlins will be taking a tour of the place and will have the first look inside on the news Friday night.

Anytime we can get rid of a chain and get a local (or regional) restaurant in its place, it’s a good thing.

They’re throwing out the old round Applebee’s bar and are revamping the entire space.

The owner says the menu will be similar to the Fargo location’s, but more extensive.

Drunken Noodle

What looks tasty to me off of their Fargo menu are the Gyoza (vegetable dumplings), spring rolls and the restaurant’s namesake, the drunken noodle. It’s “wide, flat rice noodles stir-fried with basil, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell pepper, jalapenos and hot Thai chili.” Perfect to warm up with as this winter has finally turned bitterly cold.

What’s out of place on the menu is a number of American or Italian dishes. I guess for those not feeling the Thai dishes or for kids who aren’t adventurous eaters. You can get mac and cheese, primavera, fettucini alfredo or spicy cajun pasta.

Check back tomorrow when I’ll post more about Drunken Noodle’s opening and hopefully have a date for you.

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4 thoughts on “‘Drunken Noodle’ Opening Soon; WDAZ to Tour Friday

  1. Offtopic, but any idea of opening date for Fuji? Looks like they’re wrapping up the finishing touches.

  2. LOL.. You give them credit on the food then knock the name of their restaurant.

    Now, I would read more articles if you would just change the GF Gourmet name.

  3. they are open&it was fabulous but i cant remember what i had. they need to update a their site&post a menu!

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