‘Drunken Noodle’ Menu Sneak Peek; Likely to be Late-night Hotspot

I was able to get my hands on the new menu at the Drunken Noodle in East Grand Forks and it looks very promising. WDAZ reporter Melanie Orlins got a first-hand look at the place today and says the owners are planning to open between January 23 and 30.

Melanie tells me they’re going to be open until 3 a.m.! I can definitely see this being incredibly popular with those strolling down the boardwalk or in downtown Grand Forks. Grab some drinks at one of the many bars and sidle in to the Noodle to combat the alcohol that is likely sloshing around in your stomach. A little spice is good for that too.

Menu Front

The restaurant is pretty large, seating about 120 diners. There will be a full bar and a stage for karaoke (great).

Menu Inside

Because of the type of food they’re offering, dishes will fly out of the kitchen. In southeast Asia, these noodle dishes are sometimes even eaten at breakfast. You can get them from little street vendors. The most common dish is called Pho. A tasty broth covers beef, noodles, bean sprouts and basil. Tasty.

They offer a selection of small plates with small prices. What sounds really good is the Little Mermaid. It’s “shrimp marinated in herbs, wrapped in rice paper and fried.” It sounds like a crispy delight.

BBQ Pork Ramen

Another item I can’t wait to try is the BBQ Pork Ramen. The pork sits atop snow peas, carrots, mushrooms, green onion and a hard-boiled egg. Anytime you put an egg with anything it’s good.


If you just can’t get enough meat, there’s the Three Musketeers. A huge bowl is filled with shrimp, grilled pork, minced chicken, fish cakes, bok choy, wonton chips and egg noodles in an extra spicy broth.

So needless to say, I’m ready for this tasty Fargo import. I’ll be there on the day or shorter after it opens. When I get a more concrete date I’ll have that for ya.