Finding the Best Breakfast in Grand Forks

I usually skip breakfast, but you know the old adage that’s it important. That’s why I’m looking to find the best in Grand Forks. It’s not going to be easy. There are quite a few choices.

I want to hear from you about your favorite place. Then I’ll try to hit it up and maybe review it and come one step closer to finding the best.

Now, strong contenders have to be the Big Sioux Cafe and Roadhouse Cafe. Their menus are nearly identical (the same?) and they’re both open 24/7. Are they owned by the same people? Somebody comment if you know and help me out because I couldn’t find the info.

Breakfast at the Big Sioux (COURTESY NEW YORK TIMES)

Don’t look for any gourmet breakfast items but just the basics. But the basics are good. Both restaurants have been go-to places for the after-bar crowd. It’s a good idea after perhaps drinking nearly too much to sop it up with some greasy dishes that really hit the spot.

I like the interior of Roadhouse better than Big Sioux. But they’re both pretty simple. Service is usually good and food comes out quick unless they’re backed up, which can happen if they’re slammed with customers.

In 2006, when the New York Times featured Grand Forks in its “36 Hours in…” series, they visited the Big Sioux and found the portions to be “lumberjack” and big enough to feed Paul Bunyan. I can attest to that.

What is apparently popular and sounds really good is the Trucker Special at the Big Sioux. It’s onions, green peppers, cheese, mushrooms, ham, bacon and sausage atop hash browns and covered with two eggs. That’ll start your day off right (or end it).

Also try the waffle fries. Really tasty.

I hear from some that Del’s in the Grand Cities Mall is good. And Gramma Butterwick’s on South Washington definitely has its following.

I used to hit up a place just south of the Roadhouse Cafe called the Emerald Grill that served the same sort of food. It was just as good or maybe better, but I haven’t been there for a long time. Hopefully it’s still open.

There’s also Darcy’s Cafe and the Northside Cafe that offer breakfast. I know the Northside has a following. I’ve never set foot in Darcy’s.

When your stomach’s rumbling as you stumble home or if you’re looking for some eggs, toast and your morning coffee, stay away from the chain places like Ihop and Denny’s. You’re likely to have a better experience at a local place.

What’s your favorite?