‘Rhombus Guys’ Planning Brewery Dinner

Rhombus Guys in Grand Forks will host a Bell’s Brewery Dinner this February 21 and in Fargo on the 22nd.

For $50, you get a five course meal paired with five Bell’s brews as well as glass stemware as a souvenir.

The meal features specialty pizzas, but they haven’t been named yet. If one of the owners wants to comment on the exact type of pie, please do so below.

There’s space for 50 people and it’s first come, first serve, so I would sign up soon if you’re interested. I’m seriously contemplating it. The Fargo dinner starts around 5:30. In the email I got, there was no start time listed for the Grand Forks dinner, but I’d assume it starts around that time.

Also, this Monday after 9:30 dine-in pizzas are half-off. That’s a damn good deal.

3 thoughts on “‘Rhombus Guys’ Planning Brewery Dinner

  1. We have locked in our menu. We will be starting with a Waldorf Salad and warm pomegranate apple sauce, then a tomato curry soup followed with a Chicken Tikka Pizza. Next, there will be a white, pork chilli that is followed by a Pot Roast Pizza. Finally, we will finish up with a Nutella and fresh fruit dessert pizza. Both dinners start at 5:30. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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