Marco’s Pizza Brings Pretty Tasty Pies to South Grand Forks

I had the chance to try out Marco’s Pizza yesterday and was pretty impressed with the two pizzas I tried. Also I tried the meatballs.

Marco's Pizza

The location on S. Washington hasn’t been open a week yet. You can have your pie delivered, eat it at the restaurant or carry it out. Online ordering should be available sometime soon, but not yet. There are a few booths and some high-top tables in the restaurant.

Like I’ve written before, it’s the first location for the Ohio-based chain in North Dakota and Minnesota so we should feel privileged to be included before everybody else.

There are quite a few places to get a pizza in Grand Forks, but Marco’s brings some differences to the game. They stress the quality of ingredients, with fresh cheese used and dough made and baked everyday in house. That’s something not all of the pizza places in GF do, mind you. It makes a difference.

White Cheezy

So a friend and I tried the White Cheezy and the Hawaiian Chicken pizzas, two of their specialty pies that also include the Garden, Deluxe Uno, Chicken Fresco and Meat Supremo.

The Cheezy comes with four different kinds of cheese including feta, bacon, onions, tomatoes and a garlic butter sauce. The pie was visually appealing as well as pretty tasty, with the feta really coming through. The onions retained some of their crunch, which I liked.

The Hawaiian Chicken comes with bacon, ham, chicken, cheese and pineapple. With so many toppings, the slice was weighted down a lot and didn’t have a whole lot of structural integrity, with the toppings looking like they were about to fall off. But that doesn’t matter if the pizza tastes great, which this one did.

Hawaiian Chicken

We also ordered the meatball and sausage platter, which was good. The meatballs were really rich and had a distinct fennel flavor.

I’ll be coming back.

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