The $100 Hot Dog

This is in the same area as the guy who ate at every local pizza place in New York City. But it’s much more insane. The $100 hot dog.

$100 Hot Dog

It’s called the Dragon Dog from Granville Street in Vancouver. It’s a footlong bratworst infused with cognac and topped with lobster and high quality Japanese Kobe beef.

CKNW-AM says the owner calls it the “most amazing hot dog in the whole wide world.

The current Guinness world record holder is at a place in NYC for $69.

A) Would you try it

B) Is this going overboard?

In Crookston, ‘Famous Dave’ Hints at Possibility of Location

“Famous Dave” Anderson was in Crookston today with a story about his successful business and an inspirational message.

Famous Dave's Logo

But what I found particularly interesting was that, at the end of a report from WDAZ reporter Stacie Van Dyke, Dave hints playfully at the prospect of a “Famous Daves” location in Crookston.

He said he thinks the company will be recognized as America’s best barbecue join with “restaurants all over the country, including in Crookston,” he said with a smile.

I have no idea if he was serious, but the mere possibility of getting the barbecue place in northwest Minnesota is tantalizing. I’ve enjoyed their ribs on many occasions and the platter of sides they come with like corn bread, baked beans or garlic red skin mashed potatoes among others.

Georgia Chopped Pork

What I wouldn’t give for a steady supply of smoked meats like their Georgia Chopped Pork, smoke for up to 12 hours and chopped to order. Or a full slab of ribs, hand-rubbed with a secret blend of “tongue-tingling special spices and pit-smoked for 3-4 hours over a smoldering hickory fire,” their menu says.


The ribs are sauced over the flame to seal in flavor and crisp up with a caramelized coating.

So while Dave might not have meant it, we can only hope there’s a possibility he did.

Click here to see the video report