The $100 Hot Dog

This is in the same area as the guy who ate at every local pizza place in New York City. But it’s much more insane. The $100 hot dog.

$100 Hot Dog

It’s called the Dragon Dog from Granville Street in Vancouver. It’s a footlong bratworst infused with cognac and topped with lobster and high quality Japanese Kobe beef.

CKNW-AM says the owner calls it the “most amazing hot dog in the whole wide world.

The current Guinness world record holder is at a place in NYC for $69.

A) Would you try it

B) Is this going overboard?

5 thoughts on “The $100 Hot Dog

  1. NEVER in a “100” years, would I ever spend that kind of money on that. A hotdog is a hotdog, no matter what it’s infused or topped with….

  2. I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t try it once. When would you have the chance to have any of those things all in one meal, let alone in a hot dog. I’ve heard of crazier hamburgers and I would try any of those too. You only live once.

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