Try the ‘Columbia’ at JL Beers

I had the pleasure Friday night of hitting up JL Beers in Grand Forks on Friday for a quick burger and beer. Previously, I had the Humpty Dumpty burger and the JL Burger, but this time I tried the Columbia.

JL Beers is expanding with a Sioux Falls location coming soon. There are three in Fargo-Moorhead.

Humpty Dumpty and Fries

Named aptly enough after the street JL Beers is on (I assume), the Columbia piles bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce on top of the hamburger patty that has a barbecue rub. I added raw onions.

I absolutely love the combination of juicy, fresh beef, barbecue sauce and onions. I’ve mentioned the Cowboy Burger at the Blue Moose that’s great. JL’s version of the tasty combination was just that. The bun was soft and I could taste each ingredient. Accompanying the burger were some piping hot fries that I ordered with the jalapeno and cheddar spice mixture thrown in. Unfortunately I forgot my phone so I didn’t get any pictures.

The fries could’ve been just a bit crispier and got to be a bit too salty near the end of the dinner with the jalapeno mix on them. But try the chipotle dip, as I’ve told you about before. It’s tasty.

I love that there’s bottles of sriracha on every table and rolls of paper towels as napkins.

Next up for me are going to be the Philly Cheese Burger or the Slaw Burger.

As I’ve always found it, the service at JL Beers was crazy fast and our waitress was extremely attentive. And the place was packed, with only one table open when I arrived with my dinner mate.

Let’s hear your favorite burger or combinations from JL in the comments!

JL Beers®
2531 South Columbia Road
Grand Forks, ND 58201

Hours of Operation: Daily 11:00AM – 12:00AM

*Must be 21 to Enter