Marilyn Mania Continues

Local columnist Marilyn Hagerty became an Internet sensation on Wednesday and her national fame shows no sign of stopping. Marilyn Hagerty

Marilyn is headed to New York City soon. She says she’ll be writing an Eatbeat review there. It’ll probably be a swanky place, but Marilyn says she’s not above the dirty water hot dogs on the street or a greasy slice of pizza. I can’t wait to see what she finds in the Big City.

She’s making the rounds on TV like a politician. The Early Show on Saturday, Piers Morgan on Monday and Good Morning America and the Today Show are calling, too.

Her straightforward Olive Garden review has racked up the views online, getting to about 300,000 at last check. The review was picked up by who knows online, but it quickly made its way around, showing up on too many sites to count.

Marilyn even got a call inquiring about a book deal. But she’s already done that.

WDAZ reporter Melanie Orlins asked Marilyn if she would do an interview with Jay Leno. Her reply: “With Jay? I don’t know. I don’t like the way he combs his hair.”