The Dirtiest and Cleanest GF Restaurants – Vol. 2

The most popular post on Grand Forks Gourmet by far was the sanitation scores from the Health Department. Last time, I pulled out the best and the worst of the bunch. The worst offender was Iron Kettle, which has since closed. Probably for the best.

But the Health Department has changed up their scoring system since the last time, ditching the percentage scores in favor of critical or non-critical violation numbers. So where a restaurant would get a 1-100 rating for sanitation, it will now just be given the violations.

Keep in mind, the inspections are done twice a year and some restaurants in town have not been evaluated since the new policy took effect. Critical violations are violations that can directly affect the safety of food. Non-critical violations are violations that may indirectly affect food safety.

Conditions can obviously change. These scores are what the inspector found that day.

Worst offenders
Babylon / 108 N. 3rd St.  – 5 critical violations and 10 non-critical.

Amazing Grains / 214 DeMers Ave – 3 critical violations and 4 non-critical.

Burger Time / 2651 DeMers Ave. – 4 critical violations and 2  non-critical.

Del’s Coffee Shop / 1828 S. Washington – 5 critical violations and 7 non-critical.

Forks’-N-Spoons / Columbia Mall food court – 5 critical violations and 4 non-critical.

Muddy Rivers Bar & Grill / 701 1st Ave. N. – 5 critical violations and 12 non-critical.

Speedway Cafe / 805 N. 42nd St. – 3 critical violations and 12 non-critical.

Wendy’s / 1503 S. Washington – 4 critical violations and 8 non-critical.

There are a few places that need to clean up there act a bit. Now that Iron Kettle bit the dust, we have to award the dubious distinction of the dirtiest restaurant in town. Keep in mind, again, that these scores show the sanitation on that day and things can definitely change. Also, with the new scoring, not all restaurants in town have been tested. I only used the violation numbers from places inspected since Jan. 1.
Cleanest restaurants
Now for the honor roll. These restaurants had zero critical violations and 3 or fewer non-critical violations when they were inspected last.

Aggies Sunshine Cafe / 4201 James Ray Dr. – 2 non-critical

Altru Clinic Snack Bar / 1200 S. Columbia Road – 1 non-critical

Altru Express / 1200 S. Columbia Road – 1 non-critical

Altru Rehab Express / 1200 S. Columbia Road – 0 violations (100/100 last time)

The Altru Hospital kitchen was close to making this list. It had 4 non-critical violations.

Burger King / 3765 Gateway Dr. – 3 non-critical

CherryBerry / 3221 32nd Ave. – 0 violations

Dairy Queen / 1205 S. Washing – o violations (100/100 last time)

Five Guys Burgers & Fries / 3221 32nd Ave. – 1 non-critical (100/100 last time)

Jimmy John’s / 2855 10th Ave. N. – 3 non-critical

JL Beers / 2531 S. Columbia Rd. – 1 non-critical

Magic Chopstick / Columbia Mall food court – 3 non-critical

Papa John’s / 1515 S. Washington – 1 non-critical

Pizza Hut / 2751 32nd Ave. S. – 3 non-critical

Qdoba / 3551 32nd Ave. S. – 2 non-critical

Red Lobster / 2675 32nd Ave. S. – 2 non-critical

Subway / Flying J 4401 32nd Ave. S. – 0 violations

SuperTarget – 3601 32nd Ave. S. – 0 violations

UND Stomping Grounds / UND Campus – 0 violations

Check out the full list here

I with the department would’ve kept the percentage scores, though. It was much easier to see how the different restaurants stacked up against each other. Oh well.

When the Health Department comes out with new numbers, I’ll let you know.