Hagerty to Dine at ‘Le Bernardin’ in NYC

Marilyn Hagerty (you know who she is, so I’ll skip the introduction) has secured reservations to one of the absolute best restaurants in the country: Le Bernardin in New York.

The minute I heard this, my jealousy (already high) is now through the roof.

Ryan Babb of Forum Communications will be accompanying Marilyn in NYC. They’ve started a blog you can check out for updates. Babb says chef and TV star Anthony Bourdain secured the reservations from his friend and Le Bernardin’s head chef, Eric Ripert.

Some amazing dishes

No word yet what they’ll be eating, but Le Bernardin’s menu is beyond impressive. The dinner menu has a fixed price of $125 and features a shaved geoduck clam with smoked edamame mousseline and wasabi-citrus emulsion, fluke sashimi with micro watercress, avocado and jalapeno-lime broth, or caviar-wagyu with Nebraska wagyu beef (amazing), langoustine with osetra caviar tartare, black pepper-vodka creme fraiche and pomme gaufrette.

Parts of the menu sound like a foreign language to me, but I’ve never been to a restaurant like this.

Also available are equally exciting tasting menus ranging from $190 to $330 with wine pairings.

Ryan Bakken at the Herald reports that she’ll do another review at Dovetail, an interview on Anderson Cooper 360 and have lunch with him. Sen. Kent Conrad’s office was reportedly working to set up lunch for Marilyn and first lady Michelle Obama.

Marilyn continued to make the rounds on national TV on Monday, right before heading to New York. Crews from both CNN and the Today Show were in Grand Forks on Monday and she was on the Early Show and Good Morning America.

I’ll be anxiously awaiting Marilyn’s review. Hopefully it’ll show the haters.

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11 thoughts on “Hagerty to Dine at ‘Le Bernardin’ in NYC

  1. First off, I love your reviews and comments on our dining avenues in Grand Forks. As for Marilyn, she deserves these moments of “fame” for all of her work through the years. Her trip to New York will be interesting to those of us who would like to try a 5 star restaurant at least once in our lifetime. To be honest, I can’t pronounce the food you described above but I’m sure it tastes and looks amazing! I’m glad it’s financed on The Herald’s budget and not mine 🙂

  2. Congrats Marylin! It’s so nice to see nice people get the attention they should get. I get soooo bored with all those clamoring for attention. Although I abhor the cold weather ( I live in Houston), this makes me want to move to Grand Forks, if for no other reason than to meet you. You rock!!!

  3. I have much appreciated Marilyn Hagerty’s columns throughout the years with her frank and complimentary comments. It has influenced others to find satisfying Eateries. Congrtats to her as she has well deserved recognition beyond her wildest dreams. Relish every moment, Marilyn, as your readers await your “Home Again” columns. NYC should be on everyone’s Bucket List.

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  8. I so love this story on Marilyn Hagerty! Good for her to put the food snobs in their place, although I know that was never her intention. And good for Anthony Bourdain to stand up for her in the face of all the frenzied food snobbery that was flying around cyberspace in misplaced and supercilious indignation at Marilyn’s honesty and fresh perspectives. Can’t wait to see her on Anderson Cooper, and so hoping a lunch with Michelle Obama can be arranged. Go Marilyn! Go Anthony! You both rock big time!!

  9. No offense to Le Bernardin, but the food looks kind of icky to me. I hope Marilyn found something on the menu to her liking. Best wishes to Marilyn. I think she is great.

  10. Hi Marilyn,

    Lisa Finsness here – Andy’s wife.

    I am in New York this week too and would love to say hello – not sure if you will get this, but just in case. As you know – we are all Foodies! You are amazing,

    My Best,

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