Free Fries, Green Ketchup at Burger King This St. Patrick’s Day

I figured we all need a bit of a break from Marilyn Mania (there will probably be another post about her NY trip tonight), so here’s an interesting story about Burger King’s St. Patrick’s Day marketing ploy.

You can get a free value-sized order of French fries along with green ketchup on March 17 and 18. They call it “St. Paddy’s Sauce.”

“Free fries for St. Patrick’s Day weekend is the Burger King way of sharing the luck of the Irish with all of our guests,” Alex Macedo, senior vice president of Burger King’s North America marketing, said in a press release.

Burger King recently came out with a new recipe for its fries. I haven’t tried them since that, but I remember the previous version made for soggy and pretty tasteless fries. With this promotion, I might have to check them out.