Marilyn Takes New York – Day 1

As one comment had it, “Marilynsanity” continues.

Marilyn Hagerty landed in New York City today and the “media circus” is in full gear.  After her down-home Olive Garden review, Marilyn has taken the nation, and the Internet, by storm.

Marilyn in New York

Crews from both CNN and The Today Show were in Grand Forks on Monday and Tuesday to talk with her. The Today Show even did a live shot outside of the Olive Garden. On Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday, guest host Jane Lynch conducted an extremely awkward interview that Marilyn later said “wasn’t much fun.”

But the huge amount of attention Marilyn is getting has started to get old for some. Robert Sietsema at the Village Voice said he’s “so over” the Hagerty Phenomenon. He writes, “The so-called critic… prominently pastes her picture at the top of every column,  makes a single non-anonymous visit to a restaurant, eats only one dish with no beverages, then writes at length about it in the flattest declarative prose imaginable, making the landscape of her native plains state seem mountainous by comparison.”

That’s pretty harsh.

Sietsema does have a point though that Marilyn should really try some great New York institutions like Gray’s Papaya and a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Deli. She at least got a dirty-water hot dog while a New York Times reporter, photographer and videographer were in tow. She asked the purveyor what he recommended. He said “two hot dogs.” She got one.

But Marilyn and her entourage have a few, higher-scale places in mind.

Tonight, she dined at Dovetail NYC, a Michelin-starred eatery headed by chef John Fraser. Ryan Babb with Forum Communications has been tweeting every step of their journey and shot some great photos of the food.

Black truffle, mushroom and onion soup

The food looks great. I can’t wait to see what she thinks.

Next up is Le Bernardin on Wednesday and the Times Square Olive Garden on Thursday.

By the way, you can even get a Marilyn t-shirt or an e-book of the Best of the Eatbeat.


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One thought on “Marilyn Takes New York – Day 1

  1. Leave the nasty stuff alone Marilyn is a real lady and never said she was a food critic She just writes about restaurants as what to expect when you go there and her own experience She would never say it was overcooked or the sauce lumpy or bland etc etc. Actually she does not write a bad review. her motto if you cant say something nice shut up. She usually waits till a place has been opend for several weeks to get the kinks out too.
    She just down to earth and tell you what to expect about the decor, the prices
    the service and whats on the menu
    She did not ask for this mania and she taking it all in stride and whats wrong with her picture being on her column ( I think you being picky picky)
    Several of our columnist in my City ( Winnipeg) have their pictures included
    so stop picking on her So your over her well terrific. She did not ask for this publicity
    She just goling with what people ask. I dont think she even has seen herself
    on all these media shows and she just goes home and watches local news, Sioux sports ( shes a basketball Fan) and goes about her daily routine
    of church, luncheons visiting friends, etc etc.
    At 85 I hope I can have the things she does and have her diposition on life.
    Marilyn rom the True North

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