Dollar Burgers a Monday Tradition at ‘Parrot’s Cay’

I’ve reviewed Parrot’s Cay before, but I just had to write up a post on their dollar burger special on Monday nights. From 5-11 p.m., you can get a cheeseburger for $1 with the purchase of a drink. Plus you get their “frips,” or deep-fried chips.

Parrot's Cay Interior

Of course, the burger isn’t one with high quality beef or anything, and it comes on a normal commercial bun. But it’s still a steal for the price. The patty is probably frozen, but it’s cooked perfectly so it isn’t dry or chewy at all, something you can find with other frozen patties. And the 1/2 pound size is generous. They could get away with a 1/4 pound.

The burger comes with the normal items on the side like lettuce, onion, pickles and tomato. You can also get a choice of another sauce like ranch or barbecue to dunk your chips in. You can even substitute your chips for another of their fried and delicious sides, like the Pot O’ Gold, fried cheese curds. These are tasty but very rich.

Parrot's Cay Cheeseburger

The barbecue sauce is home-made and unique. It has a flavor of cumin or Worcestershire sauce in it but I couldn’t place it exactly. It has a slightly similar taste to the famous Shark Sauce.

Other specials include half-price Po’boys from 7 to close on Tuesday or an order of wings and a pitcher of domestic beer for $12 on Wednesday and Thursday,

Speaking of burgers, a friend and I hit up Burger Time on Demers and Columbia over the weekend. It was a beautiful day, so we had our burgers outside at one of the picnic tables nearby. I’ve eaten there before and liked the place, but this time, our order took about 10 minutes to prepare and I found that my burger had way too much char on it, making for not-too-tasty bites around the outside.

Double Bigger Cheeseburger at Burger Time

It was disappointing but it doesn’t mean I won’t try it again. I was surprised by the steep prices, though. The double bigger cheeseburger combo is $7.39. It was pretty big, but the too-charred outsides made it not worth the price. The lettuce could have been fresher as well. Fries were good, not amazing, but my friend said the strawberry shake was great.

I’ll be trying the pulled pork sandwich, onion rings and cheese curds at my next visit.

What do you love at Parrot’s Cay or Burger Time?

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  1. Tuesday nights (half priced Po’ Boys and discounted tap beer) at the Cay is a tradition among my friends, going back 9 years for some. With a low staff turnover rate it is very easy for you to get to know the servers by name and they in return get to know the regular customers. It is a family like atmosphere especially with the owner and daughter often working side by side serving drinks and food with a smile. Offering a variety of domestic and imported beers on tap (and bottles), delicious food, hot wing challenges and casual environment the Parrot’s Cay is a great choice for a weekday dinner or drinks on the weekend.

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