We’re 3 Months Old! Break Out the Milk!

Grand Forks Gourmet is just over three months old! It feels like longer, but the blog started on December 15, 2011. Hopefully you’ve liked at least some of the posts so far.

I haven’t had a lot of time this week for restaurant visits, but I have a few things cooking (forgive me). I’ve heard rumblings from a few guest posters, too.

But we’ve had a great beginning so far. There have been 64 posts with about 200 comments and a steadily growing audience with tens of thousands of views a month.

Top 5 posts so far:

The Dirtiest and Cleanest GF Restaurants
Marilyn Hagerty’s ‘Olive Garden’ Review Goes Viral
Hagerty to Dine at ‘Le Bernardin’ in NYC
Grand Forks Denny’s Closes
Finally Fuji

So thanks a lot for reading.