‘Chacherz’ Coming Back to Grand Cities Mall

Chacherz is bringing “Tex-Mex Homestyle Cooking” back to the Grand Cities Mall. It was open a while back, but closed due to management leaving. Now it’s expected to reopen next week.


It’s in the Rumors area of the mall and is quite small. There are some tables out in the mall area for diners to sit, though. It looks like there could be room in the very front for some small stools and high-top tables.

The owners have spruced it up a bit with some new paint and a few other changes. There’s a sign on the front that says “soon to be open.”

I do remember having something at Chacherz a long, long time ago, but I don’t remember what or if it was good or not. But any addition of Mexican food to our severely limited choices is great. I still am not over Mi Mexico. Chacherz looks like it’ll be a fast, casual place to get inexpensive and authentic Mexican food.

The place opened in late 2005. The owners Alonzo Guzman and wife Julie also own the barber shop next door. Alonzo’s mom, Marie, heads the kitchen. I don’t know if this arrangement is still in place, but any time you get home cooking from mom, you can’t go wrong.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “‘Chacherz’ Coming Back to Grand Cities Mall

  1. The Barbacoa Taco were delicious and The Tamales Plate was good too. I would recomend you to go and eat there. Thanks, Maria From TRF,MN

  2. I love their barbacoa n so hard to get up here in the northern states being a southern girl from tx. I love the homemade tortillas n carne guisada as well.

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