Skip the Ribs at ‘Space Aliens’

Since I last blogged about the McRib, a fake rib sandwich, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some actual ribs.

Unfortunately, the ones I found at Space Aliens in Grand Forks were lacking.

I ordered the regular platter of four ribs for $12.99. The menu says the award-winning ribs are “expertly seasoned with over 20 spices, then slowly smoked in our authentic Bar-B-Que smokers.”

You can get your choice of sides like cole slaw, fries, or baked beans among others.

I got the cole slaw and “outer space fries” to go with the ribs. When the slab came out, it was overcooked and overly fatty. There were some bits of char on the meat that, when I crunched down on them, filled my mouth with the taste of an ashtray. There wasn’t a whole lot of meat on them either.

Space Aliens Ribs

The cole slaw tasted like it was sitting in the kitchen for a few days. But the fries were surprisingly good. They were the best part of the meal.


The menu also includes a number of appetizers, soups, salads, quesadillas, burritos, brisket, shredded pork, steaks, chicken dinners, sandwiches and burgers.

I haven’t tried many of the other dishes at Space Aliens. I went there a few months after it opened and never really came back.

The brisket I had then was dry and the portion was very small.

Also, beer in the bar is expensive.

I’d recommend finding another place for tasty ribs. Just a few feet away from Space Aliens is Texas Roadhouse. I have their ribs a few times and there were very good. I’ve heard good things about Speedway’s version, too.

11 thoughts on “Skip the Ribs at ‘Space Aliens’

  1. I’ve never had anything very good there and if it weren’t for my kids, I wouldn’t set foot in there.

  2. The first time I took my daughter there Space Aliens had only been open a couple of weeks. The waitress was a total snob. She was sitting with some of her friends and acted like it was a chore to even do her job. She got our orders wrong and the food was questionable at best. I chalked it up to the place being so new.

    We went back a couple of months ago and the food wasn’t much better. The pizza was dry at best. At least the waiter was friendly.

    I’d rather just drive to Fargo and go to the Space Aliens there.

  3. The brisket was laughable as was pretty much all of the food we ordered. I will never eat at this place again and I think my kids feel the same way. Most of their games for kids either were out of order or took our tokens. I am not impressed with this place. If things don’t change and quickly this restaurant is over.

  4. Is it true that there is a creepy roaming alien guy there? I’ve wanted to go to at least have the Space Aliens experience but I am terrified of costumed characters.

  5. With a name like ‘Space Aliens’ it has to be…….!
    Now, Is GF gourmet written by the lady who made National headlines with her review of Olive Garden? Somehow I don’t see the elegant scribe entering a place called Space Aliens.

    • I assure you, Thomas, this blog has nothing to do with Marilyn Hagerty. But she has been to Space Aliens… twice. She found that it ‘blasts off like rocket ship on its way to Mars’ and is ‘Much more than (a) place for birthday parties,’ according to the EatBeat headlines. But something is up with the Herald archive and if you click on the headline, you aren’t even given the option to buy the article so I couldn’t read it, unfortunately.

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