Denny’s Looks to be Re-opening in Grand Forks

The vacant Denny’s location at 3770 32nd Ave S. in Grand Forks could soon see new life. According to numerous job postings, the company Classic Restaurants is planning on re-opening the place.


The company owns Denny’s locations in Fargo, Bismarck, Minot and Sioux Falls and also the Ground Round in Bismarck, Fargo and Minot. They’re accepting resumes for restaurant managers and a kitchen manager in Grand Forks.

Denny’s closed on January 29 this year. The post about its closing was one of the most-read posts ever and the discussion about the place was huge. The overwhelming majority of people thought the closing was overdue, citing lacking food and service.

No word yet on when the restaurant will re-open.

11 thoughts on “Denny’s Looks to be Re-opening in Grand Forks

  1. If they reopen I hope they get better service we tried to eat at Denny’s 4 or 5 times get waited on but wait and wait to get our food

  2. I for one was sorry Denny’s in Grand Forks closed! I never had to wait long for a table and service was excellent!

  3. The only time I ever had a problem with Denny’s was when I went there very early one morning. It wasn’t the food or the service that was the problem but the fact that they hadn’t cleaned the bathroom in who knows how long as it was pretty disgusting. I hope they do open again as that has always been my go to place for get-togethers with friends.

  4. I do like Denny’s and have enjoyed the Denny’s in Fargo many times. That being said, the Grand Forks Denny’s was a disaster, and I would hold management responsible. The times I have gone the service was not good, waiting to pay my bill, cold food. This happened everytime. Good managers can change that.

  5. Denny’s in grand forks really opened August 26th and yes the service and food is better then before.

  6. Classic doesn’t own the Minot ND Denny’s Restaurant, my mother and other investors own it. Classic just manages it. Just FYI

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