Anthony Bourdain Drops Tidbits About Upcoming Marilyn Hagerty Book

Chef, writer and TV personality Anthony Bourdain will be publishing a book from Marilyn Hagerty on his imprint Ecco Press, but we hadn’t heard anything about the book’s content. Bourdain, in an interview with Eater, dropped a few tidbits about the book.

Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain said it was his first instinct to laugh at the 85-year-old’s succinct review of the “long-awaited” Olive Garden, but after he found that she has worked at the Herald for so long and she writes five columns a week, he changed his tone, saying “That’s a woman who has been showing up at work and doing a job.”

He referenced in the interview a tweet he received saying that the Olive Garden was “the only restaurant that resembles an independently owned and operated Italian restaurant” within 150 miles. I think that the tweeter was misinformed. There is Giuseppe’s in Grand Forks and Mamma Maria’s in East Grand Forks to start. Not to mention other places in Fargo.

Anyway, on to what he said about the book.

Bourdain said he looked at the archive of Marilyn’s work and found the articles will tell “an amazing story.” He also said that there will be other material in the book about the changes that have come to restaurants she has reviewed in the past. Also, “What do they eat out there? I think it’s something we need as a reality check before we start talking down to people, which is our instinct. We are all too happy to tell people how they should or shouldn’t be eating.”

He also hints that there may be more writing from Marilyn. Not sure if Bourdain means he’s “commissioning some stuff” to supplement the other content or a whole separate book. We’ll have to wait and see.

“I’m also commissioning some stuff from her that explains what it’s like to be her and what it’s been like to do that job for thirty years. I think it’s going to be an important book. It may be charming, but it won’t be funny. We’re not laughing at this lady,” Bourdain said.

He also talked about Marilyn on CBS:

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  1. Anthony is yet another sold out, living in a myopic world of ease starlet. He has little compassion for those who lead harder lives than his lavish lifestyle, though he attempts to portray himself as someone who has been through hard times. It was disgraceful how he mocked the Russian man who he claimed was his friend, in his Romania episode. The poor Russian was drunk on his birthday because he was feeling so much pressure from American crews to please the King Anthony. Anthony acted like he was so put out by the Romainan people, yet here we have people all over the world dying of hunger and Anthony is complaining about his food and drink. It was also disgusting to see him salivate over a killed pig in the Romaina episode. Me thinks Anthony is a big pussy who needs a serious reality check on how to be grateful for what he has. It must be so easy for American crews to waltz into another country, especially a country that is poor, like Romania, and think that he can use all the people there for his big shot show, and if they don’t live up to his standards, well then, they are mocked.

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