Knockout ‘Norwegian’ Ribs???

I met a few friends at the Blue Moose in East Grand Forks recently. I previously sang its praises regarding mac and cheese and the Outlaw Burger but I had never tried the “Norwegian” BBQ ribs.

Norwegian BBQ Ribs

I ordered the BBQ rib taster appetizer and the insanely good spinach con queso. The ribs are billed as “Norwegian,” but I don’t know how it applies. All I know is they’re among the best ribs I’ve had in the area.

The sauce is a bit sweet, not spicy all. But there was quite a bit of meat on the bones and it fell off easily.

Properly cooked ribs are one thing, but a tasty sauce brings it over the top.

Also, try the gooey, cheesy spinach con queso with tortilla chips. It is one of the best appetizers I’ve ever had.

Spinach Con Queso

The red pepper in it and the garlic make it irresistible.

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