Guilty Pleasure #003: Microwaved Yakisoba

I haven’t done a guilty pleasure post for quite a while and I’m working on a few other, more involved posts, so we’ll do one now!

One of my favorite things for a late-night snack or even a quick lunch is microwaved Yakisoba noodles. It’s a Japanese dish that’s derived from Chinese chow mein. It’s from Maruchan, the same people who brought you the Instant Lunch cups of noodles and that little packet of ramen noodles that broke college students know so well. You may have seen their cheesy, low-budget commercials on TV.

Fellow blogger Sean Lee will kill me for this, but it’s really tasty. He teased me for liking Panda Buffet. But this version of yakisoba is obviously nothing compared to an actual, freshly prepared dish, but this gets me by in a pinch.

Once you tear off the top of the carton, throw in a package of dehydrated vegetables including carrots, corn and cabbage and fill it to the line with water. Microwave for four minutes, add the spice packet and you’re done. Dehydrated veggies might sound nasty, but these actually plump back up to their normal size and don’t taste half bad.

Plus it’s really cheap.

Give it a try next time you’re in the supermarket. They have quite a number of interesting flavors like jalapeno cheddar and beef taco, but I’ll stick with the normal chicken or beef.

P.S.: I have some big news regarding a longtime Grand Forks restaurant you’ll want to stay tuned to hear.