Run for the Ribs at ‘Speedway’

A few friends and I hit up Speedway on Friday night at about 7 and it was packed. We grabbed a table near the bar and perused the menu, which is pretty extensive. I was surprised by the amount of fried offerings, but that’s not a bad thing.

It was my first time at Speedway actually. But it most certainly won’t be the last.

The outside of the building is nondescript, with brick siding and tiny windows. On the inside, it’s typical sports bar-type decor in a raceway theme.

We had an order of the “Cheesy Cheesers,” or balls of macaroni and cheese breaded and deep-fried. All of us agreed they were pretty tasty, with the breading adding a nice texture difference to the gooey mac and cheese. On that point, though, there could have been a bit more cheese flavor. It was hard for the cheese to make it past the fried flavor. They were served with some sort of sauce, possibly Thousand Island dressing, which seemed like a weird pairing.

The ribs fell off the bone as soon as you grabbed onto one of them. While some barbecue purists would say you want the meat to nearly fall off the bone, I thought it was better this way because you could eat it with a fork and not have a huge mess. I can easily say they are the best ribs I’ve had in Grand Forks so far.

The meat was incredibly tender and the sauce perfect, not overpowering, with a bit of sweetness. I was told by a dinner mate that there is another version of the sauce that has a bit of kick. I’d like to try it next time. The only bad thing I could say about the ribs was that they were pretty fatty, but when they’re so tender and tasty, that can be overlooked.

The vegetables were run-of-the-mill. Overcooked for my taste, but I was expecting them to be worse. The “french baked potato” was described by the waiter as “basically a giant French fry,” and from what I can deduce, was a skinned potato that was put in the deep fryer until the potato was cooked through. It made for a crunchy outer skin while the inside was perfectly cooked and piping hot.

Service was OK. After the food was delivered to the table, the server didn’t come back for quite a while, probably 30 minutes. But it was pretty busy.

I’ll definitely be back for Thursday’s all-you-can-eat ribs for, I think, $10.99 or so. That is one of the best deals I’ve seen in the area. I’ve also gotta try the prime rib.

What’s your favorite at Speedway?

805 North 42nd Street
Grand Forks
(701) 772-8548

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  1. I absolutely “Love” Speedway! A favorite destination when my Cousins from South Dakota come to visit!!

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