‘Babylon’ in Downtown GF Closes

A few friends and I were going to meet up at Babylon, the only Middle Eastern restaurant in Grand Forks, a few days ago but were surprised to find that it had closed, the signs removed from the front window and chairs and tables gone.

The good news, though, is that a Japanese restaurant is tentatively set to open in its place in mid-October.

Babylon, at 108 North 3rd Street, was run by Thamir and Wafaa Khadim and featured dishes like shawarma, falafel, gyros and hummus.

I didn’t get to Babylon to eat unfortunately, but I heard from those that did that the food was tasty and the service was sometimes lacking. One comment on Urbanspoon said, “Very good food made by people who have no idea how to run a restaurant. Hope they learn.”

It’s unfortunate that the place has closed, obviously, and is an all-too-common fate of many new restaurants. Stay tuned for more on the restaurant that will fill the space.

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