Rhombus Guys Named Part of ‘Hot 100’ Independents

Rhombus Guys, the pizza place that started in Mentor, MN, and expanded to Grand Forks and eventually Fargo has been named to the list of “Hot 100” independents by Pizza Today magazine.

Rhombus comes in at #61, according to a tweet by co-founder Matt Winjum. I couldn’t find the list on Pizza Today’s website, though. I don’t think it’s been updated yet.

The pizza at Rhombus is second-to-none in the area, with some very interesting and delicious pies and an atmosphere that’s fun and casual. The shop in Grand Forks is consistently packed and the Fargo location now sports rooftop seating, just like GF.

Owners Winjum and Arron Hendricks are great about listening to customers’ feedback and regularly host cool events like karaoke, movie nights and brewery dinners. Recently at the Grand Forks location, there was a free pizza buffet to celebrate 6,000 Facebook fans.

Regular readers will already know about my love of the place, but it’s good to see some national recognition!

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5 thoughts on “Rhombus Guys Named Part of ‘Hot 100’ Independents

  1. Thank you for picking up on this. This is a big deal to us and should be a big deal for Grand Forks!! It says a lot about what Rhombus Nation is accomplishing. We try to do our very best every day for all of our supporters. So, thank you Adam for your kind words. I have not seen the list on their website yet, but it is out in their monthly magazine. We have a couple of copies of it!! Keep up the great work Rhombus Nation!

  2. But a high end pizza place that uses frozen dough is a shame. Especially at those prices. Dough is so easy to make

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