Insane Burgers at ‘Crave’ in Colorado

Hey kids. I’m just back from a trip to Denver and I have lots to share with you. First we’ll start with some of the craziest, tastiest burgers I’ve ever had. But might it have been too much of a good thing? Let’s see.

Nearer to the end of my trip, I hit up Crave in Castle Rock, CO, a bit south of Denver. The place is tucked into a strip mall-type area, between a Mexican restaurant and a Philly-themed joint.

Crave is fairly small, with a bar and stools like a diner and booths on the opposite wall. There’s also some seating outside.

The restaurant offers some sandwiches and shakes, but I was just concerned with the big burgers on this visit. Some of their crazy concoctions include the Fatty Melt, a bacon cheeseburger with with tomato and pickle nestled between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Call the cardiologist.

Equally heart unhealthy is the Luther: bacon, cheddar, egg and onion atop the patty, with two glazed donuts taking the part of the bun.

I let a dinner companion tackle the Luther, while I opted for the Wiseguy. It’s a perfectly cooked patty topped with a generous (to put it mildly) piece of fried Mozzarella, prosciutto, fresh basil, tomato and onion drizzled with balsamic and olive oil. It was truly different than any burger I’ve ever had and one of their best sellers.

The Wiseguy

Notice the big block of fried cheese blocking view of the patty? Yeah. Along with the burger is some green chile-smothered fries that were pretty good.

The cross-section of the Wiseguy.

You can add another patty for $2, or substitute it for a buffalo patty also for $2. This is Colorado, after all.

I’ve got to mention the heaping portion of fried pickles that we snacked on before the burgers were ready.

Fried pickles

The batter was tasty but too thick. The pickles were right on, though. Not too sour and not too sweet. Served along with them was a spicy ranch sauce that complimented the chips pretty well. After a bit, though, the whole thing was way too salty.

The Flaming Tiki

Another dining mate had the Flaming Tiki: grilled pineapple, pico, fried jalapenos, lettuce, onion, habanero mayo, avocado and pepper Jack cheese. Also pictured are the sweet potato fries.

The Luther

And last but not least, the insane Luther burger. I sampled about an 1/8 of the burger and thought it was definitely different, but not something I would order, at least not a full burger for myself. It’s a weird combination of sweet and savory, but overly greasy as you might imagine.

After a larger-than-I-should-have-had portion of fried pickles and most of my Wiseguy burger, I almost immediately felt off. By the time I slumped out of the car, I had to lie down. It was either the extreme influx of fat or sodium or both, but this lunch really did a number on me. If you regularly eat a lot of fat, sugar and sodium, you could probably down a burger here no problem.

But if you have a moderately healthy diet, and find yourself in south Denver, think about sharing a burger with a buddy if you hit up Crave.

Check out the full menu here. And if you want to see what I ate on my last trip to Denver, see this post! And to satisfy your burger craving in GF, check out my post on JL Beers.

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2 thoughts on “Insane Burgers at ‘Crave’ in Colorado

  1. Absolutely love Crave. Have siblings that live within a mile or two on either side of Crave.

    With the slaw or salad and with the buffalo burger option, if can actually be healthy. I also have to have gluten-free, so Crave actually gives that option with their buns (and those wheat-free buns are delicious!) The burgers are so big, most either order for two or take home half of them.

    Would love to see a Crave in GF. Crave is starting to expand, so maybe one day.

    Will be in Colorado at Christmas, so will absolutely be there.

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