Get This Bread at Dakota Harvest While it Lasts!

Thanksgiving, just a week away, is probably the biggest holiday for foodies. And us foodies just have to get the best bread available for our fabulous feasts. That’s why it’s the biggest day for many bakeries. And for me, Dakota Harvest Bakers is the best in Grand Forks.

I stopped by today and grabbed a loaf of the pumpkin spice bread. Now many of you may be tiring of pumpkin this and pumpkin that, pumpkin everything! This time of year, it’s a bit too much of the nutmeg and cinnamon. But this bread is so good, you must get to the bakery and get a loaf.

Smelling the fragrant spices coming through the plastic bag, I had to break off a piece while driving home. At first, the heavy nutmeg spicing was surprising, but the more I had the better it was. The slightly crunchy outside of the loaf is delicious as well, with an extremely moist interior.

I had trouble stopping myself from continuing to break off a piece here and another piece there.

When you have a loaf of bread that you couldn’t even think of spreading butter on, you’ve got something special. But what would really take this over the top would be to toast it and slather it with salted butter. Or, better yet, maybe a light sprinkling of cinnamon and/or sugar on a toasted slice would be a fairly healthy dessert or the greatest breakfast you’ve likely had in a while.

It’s gone on December 2, so get to 17 N. 3rd St. and get some.

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