‘HuHot Mongolian Grill’ Scouting GF Location

It’s exciting news for those looking for something different in Grand Forks: the owner of a HuHot Mongolian Grill location in Fargo says they’re scouting for locations in town.

There aren’t any specifics yet, but he tells me they’ve looked at the vacant Space Aliens restaurant but found access from 32nd Ave. S. was lacking. He’s been to GF to look at locations “a couple times” and remains hopeful that a spot will be found.

I’ve heard from quite a few people in town that they love eating at HuHot in Fargo.The concept is pretty cool. You choose a stir-fry dish from a selection of fresh meats, noodles, vegetables and Asian sauces and watch the chef grill it up on the huge circular grill.

It’s the same thing offered at Panda Buffet on Columbia Road if you’ve checked that out before.

I’ll keep an ear to the ground as to the tentative location of the restaurant and let you know!

14 thoughts on “‘HuHot Mongolian Grill’ Scouting GF Location

  1. I absolutely LOVE HuHot. What Grand Forks offers in Mongolian grills PALES in comparison. It would be the best thing to happen to Grand Forks since the introduction of the fur trade. Or close to it. lol

  2. I’m all for this! What’s the latest on the Iron Kettle/Golden Corral building? If they can’t get their act together, selling it to HuHot would be a great idea.

  3. The access to the Space Aliens location is less than ideal, but it had nothing to do with Space Aliens going out of business. The access problem was simply a convenient excuse for bigger problems. The access issue hasn’t hurt the business at the Texas Roadhouse. I believe a properly financed and managed restaurant would do very well at the Space Aliens location.

  4. The space aliens site actually has the only direct access off of 32nd. No one else can get directly to their business off of 32nd. So if the HuHot people are doing their homework, they’ll realize that.

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