‘Albatross Sports Grill & Golf Club’ Fully Open

Albatross Sports Grill and Golf Club is now fully open for business near the Ralph Engelstad Arena and in the former location of Suite 49.

If you’re reading this on Saturday, head over for a beer and some eats before the hockey game!

We’ve got the menu of the place now, too. When you’re not bellying up to the bar or honing your swing on one of the golf simulators, you can try the Irish Nachos ($8.99). They’re beer-battered waffle fries topped with cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, green onions and served with salsa. You can add chicken, beef or chili for $2.

Other stuff on offer are boneless chicken wings, onion rings, salads, breaded cheese curds and spinach dip.

For something a bit more substantial, they have burgers like the Habanero Burger ($9.49), which is a patty topped with habanero cheese, fried jalapenos and onion straws.

There’s a BLT Sandwich, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Chicken Strip Basket, Fish and Chips or Shrimp and Chips baskets, too.

Now obviously this is not fine dining. It’s bar food. Especially in the winter, I could see the place packed with people trying out the simulators, watching a game on TV, having a beer and a bite before heading over to the Ralph for hockey.

One thing, though. And I want to preface this by saying I have not tried any of the food at Albatross yet, but the prices seem steep for the apparent quality.

At a place like JL Beers, you can get a great burger for a very cheap price. But have a few beers and your tab starts to pile up.

Albatross should charge less for food to entice customers to drink more. But that’s just my two cents.

Update: Don says in the comments:  You haven’t eaten there and are giving advice about prices and how to price items on the menu? What is it about local places you don’t like?

For Don and anyone else wondering, I’m saying drop the prices because I want local places to survive, not open up with high prices and close 6 months later. You can get a burger at JL Beers for $3.49 and Albatross charges $8. What would you rather have. That’s why JL just opened up its 6th location.

14 thoughts on “‘Albatross Sports Grill & Golf Club’ Fully Open

  1. You haven’t eaten there and are giving advice about prices and how to price items on the menu?
    What is it about local places you don’t like?

    • Don you obviously haven’t read the blog very much.

      The prices are definitely too high for a place like this and I can tell it without eating there. A normal cheeseburger for $8.49 compare to JL Beers’ version for $3.49? Come on.

  2. A “golf-themed restaurant” – sounds pretty lame to me. I doubt it will survive six months.

  3. I applaud the originality of the idea and all, but why oh why not just open up the place as a shrine to UND Hockey? I mean, have your standard bar food and fare, but I’d dedicate at as a purely UND Hockey shrine. Get all sorts of memrobilia on the wall, show other WCHA games, show NHL games. That sort of thing.

    You’re in the shadow of the Ralph, and you make it golf-themed? I dunno, seems strange. But hey, more power two them and I hope it works out.

  4. Honestly it doesn’t sound very different from Suite 49’s old menu. I’m just wondering why they would choose to stay so close to the Suite 49 playbook when that place wasn’t successful. While unique, I don’t think a golf simulator is going to make up for what Suite 49 didn’t offer.

    Who knows, though. Maybe this place is a step above the old place and will do just fine. I look forward to your full review after you’ve had a chance to dine there!

  5. I have read the blog, and I have to agree with Don. These prices are not bad. Sure, J.L. Beers charges $3.49 for a burger, but that is with no side, just the burger, plain. And if you want a water at JL, it’s an extra $2. I’m guessing it’s not at Albatross. Are you aware that food prices have risen over 4% in the last two years alone? Beef has seen the sharpest increase, and if it’s all you serve, like at JL, then you can get it cheaper due to buying it in larger quantities. Albatross doesn’t have that luxury (yet), nor do they have the source funding from other locations that JL has for their opening, so they probably can’t afford to give away their food as cheaply as JL right out of the gate. And, JL just opened it’s 6th location NOT because they offer cheap burgers, but rather because they’ve done proper market research and filled a niche in different communities that were craving a place like theirs. So, you’re not comparing apples to apples (or burgers to burgers) here. Hopefully, Albatross can fill a niche, also.

    I think your blog serves as a service to the community, and I read it often. I appreciate it, and I thank you for it. I never comment because I think 9 times out of 10 you are spot on. I just worry that a post like this, which states that prices are too high before the food and atmosphere (which is part of what you pay for) have been sampled, can be enough to stop local patrons from giving it a chance, therefore causing damage to a new start up in our city. My hope is that you would go and enjoy the whole experience and then do a blog post. Thanks again for the post. – Mitch

  6. I hope they survive. I really do. However, I agree with a lot of the comments. I guess it’s because I’m not a golfer, but the theme does nothing for me. Additionally, the menu offers nothing to entice me. It all just sounds so HEAVY.

    One comment mentioned how JL Beers has cheaper burgers, but keep in mind that you can’t bring your family/kids there, so you might as well consider JL Beers comparable to a bar (as is the case with The Frog, albeit a nice one with OK food).

    Note to the owners: This header image on your website is pretty bad: http://albatrossgf.com/images/Front.jpg If you don’t have a nice looking one with real signs, then please show us some interior photos, photos of your food, golf stuff, etc. As is, the image with the superimposed lettering is not aesthetically pleasing.

  7. Im going to go ahead and agree with Mitch. While I do like this blog, I am kind of baffled as to how you can review a restaurant and their food, without having been to that restaurant or tried their food. I imagine that the point of this blog is to inform readers about some of the local dining establishments and their food and to share the experience, good or bad. I just think writing a review without previously sampling any of the food is doing a disservice to all of your readers. And even if you are just doing a review of prices alone, it is tough to compare a place to somewhere like JL Beers who nickel and dimes you into a $20 bill. Sure a burger is 3.49…if you want the smallest most plain burger on the menu, but then again you can get that same size burger off the McDonalds dollar menu. Prices at this place are comparable to places like the Blue Moose/B-Dubs/Applebees and there arent a lot of people complaining about those prices. Dont get me wrong, most of your reviews are great and I really enjoy your blog, I just think you should try this place out before reviews are written.

    Anyway, I went here the Saturday before the Sioux/St. Cloud game in the afternoon so it wasn’t too crazy yet. I’m not a big golfer, and even though this place is labeled as a “golf themed” restaurant, other than the two golf simulators you wouldn’t know it. There isn’t a bunch of golf stuff on the wall, or sandwiches named after famous golfers or anything like that. So even if you are not a big golfer you wont feel out of place. I am surprised however at the lack of UND memorabilia. GF kind of lacks a restaurant like that and this would be the perfect place, and could do it without losing its golf theme.

    I went with a buddy and we bellied up to the bar and both had a beer and some food. Beer was reasonably priced, 3.75 for a tall tap bud light. I ordered the BLT and my buddy ordered the Habanero burger and fries. Service was fine and we got our food quick. I was surprised at the size of both of our sandwiches. Normally when I order a BLT places you get your two lousy strips of bacon, but this thing was loaded. If you are a bacon fan, you wont be disappointed. My buddy said he really liked his burger, not overly spicy but just that little kick you need. And the size was definitely worth the price.

    The bartender said they are still perfecting some dishes and the menu was still limited, I will go back and see whats new after their grand opening. Overall I would recommend giving this place a try. They also had a lot of big brand new TVs everywhere, this could be a nice spot to watch the big game, rather than trying to put up with a packed Bdubs all the time.

  8. “They also had a lot of big brand new TVs everywhere” This alone makes me not want to go there. Seriously. I hate having TVs everywhere when I dine out.

      • From the descriptions above, it sounds like it’s not trying too hard to be a sports bar. Two “games” and a bunch of TVs does not a sports bar make. They should either embrace the theme or not.

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