Sonic Coming to GF?

Grand Forks might soon be home to a Sonic Drive-In and people are freaking out.

I’ve never had the privilege of trying anything there, but I hear rave reviews about their burgers, hot dogs and their more than 398,000 fountain drink and slush combinations available, like slushes, limeades and something they call “ocean water (“blue…with a hint of coconut”).

Minot’s Sonic is already under construction and Fargo will have one within 18 months. 

One of the developers told Forum Communications that they expect to have a Sonic in Grand Forks within the next “three to four years,” according to the article.

Now burgers are great and all, but the draw for me is their selection of encased meats like the Footlong Quarter Pound Coney dog or the Chicago Dog. I’ve had some real Chicago-style dogs in Chicago, so I’ll be interested to see if theirs stacks up.

Sonic offers sides like (gimme some of your) tots including chili cheese tots, onion rings, “Ched R’ Peppers,” mozzarella sticks and fries.

See the whole menu here

So are you excited at the prospect of Grand Forks getting a Sonic? Disgusted? Want an extra order of Chili Cheese Fries with that behemoth-sized cup filled to the brim with a mix of every fountain soda available?

9 thoughts on “Sonic Coming to GF?

  1. Beyond excited! Sonic is an awesome quick stop for your favorite comfort foods – fries, corn dogs, ice cream, burgers, slushes, the list goes on. The few times I have had the chance to eat at Sonic if has never disappointed! In fact, I would say that I would stop by there everyday for their ‘happy hour’ – 2pm to 4pm, for cheap drinks (any kind) if I could afford the calorie intake. 🙂

  2. I am very excited. It will be nice to have one of those southern restaurant chains I grew up with in the local area. I love their super sonic cheeseburgers with the onion rings(they make in store daily). The variety of drinks is also something I am looking forward to. I haven’t had a peanut butter malt shake in a long time.

  3. About my 19th favorite fast food joint…GF alredy has several places with much better quick meals and treats!

  4. I love Sonic–for one thing, you can get breakfast anytime during the day, not just the first half of the morning. The variety of their drinks and slushies is another draw. My other choices here in GF are hamburgers, hamburgers, and more hamburgers, and Pepsi/Coke/Sprite/MountainDew. I don’t want to wait 3-4 years, though, so expect to see me in Fargo!

  5. Sonics are terrible so why be excited? The may make their onion rings but the grease they cook them in is not hot enough so they are greasy. Now if an In N Out was coming then be excited.

  6. I am betting Minot getting restaurants before GF, Fargo will be the new trend. Basing my opinion on all the oil activity out west, could be wrong though.

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