A tasty pasta special at ‘Toasted Frog’

I headed over to the Toasted Frog in downtown Grand Forks for an early dinner tonight, arriving just a few minutes before they opened at 4 p.m.

I haven’t been to the Frog for quite a while but was pleased to see the quality of everything is still top notch, from the servers to bartenders and, most importantly, the food.

While the sun streamed in low through the semi-opaque blinds, the waitress recited the day’s specials. She listed one, a light entree of rotini, chicken, shrimp, peppers and onions in a citrus white wine broth.

We also had to have the fabulous sweet potato fries with the downright amazing chipotle aioli. They should bottle that sauce and I would be first in line for it.

The pasta dish was light and tasty, with tender chicken and shrimp, juicy peppers and perfectly al dente rotini. I found the sauce on the pasta a nice change from the normal red or white sauces. I just could have used a bit more of it.

As always at the Frog, the service was perfect.

I love that the chefs there aren’t afraid to change things up and offer daily specials apart from the menu.

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