‘Casa Mexico’ Revisited

Before a recent North Dakota Women’s Hockey game with a buddy of mine, we went over to Casa Mexico in East Grand Forks. I wanted to try the place again after I reviewed it a few weeks ago and had a mixed reaction.

Casa Mexico

Last time, I had the #23 combo with rice, a beef burrito and a chile relleno. I found things generally under-seasoned, topped with a thin red sauce and the burrito with a plastic-like, white cheese.

This time, though, I went with something a bit more authentic: Carnitas. It’s a pork dish that’s sauteed and served with Spanish rice, sliced avocados, lettuce, tomatoes and onions, refried beans and some flour tortillas if you want to wrap it all up.

I found the pieces of pork to be delicious, with some pieces having a nice crust yet a juicy and tender interior. Some of the pieces were a bit overly fatty, but I can easily overlook that. Throwing the pork and all the other fixings into the substituted corn tortillas I got made for a delicious taco.

My friend got the chimichangas, which he said were very good. As before, service was lightning fast, the chips hot and salsa tasty with a hint of cilantro and spicy heat.

So while I concluded last time that Casa is a welcome addition to the Forks dining scene, the second visit cemented it as the best sit-down Mexican restaurant in town.

5 thoughts on “‘Casa Mexico’ Revisited

  1. hope this place makes it…have been there twice and both times great food…the second time the service was a little slow but i was in no hurry anyways…they probably should/will change to all you can eat chips and sauce because your competition is doing it and people around here expect it…

  2. My wife and I were really looking forward to trying it last Wednesday. Unfortunately we never got the chance. We were seated after about a ten minute wait, and after sitting without menus or being greeted for 20 minutes, we left. We flagged down one server shortly after being seated and asked for menus, and she told us she’d be right back with them, but she never returned. We’ll give it another shot, hopefully it was just a bad night for them.

  3. I have been there pretty much every week since I first went there, I think 4 times? There is definitely a little inconsistency from the kitchen-one night the flavor is off the charts, the next it’s a little under-seasoned, but never “bad” so I keep going back. I love the chori-queso and beef chimichangas. The service keeps getting better as I think they recognize us by now-they have been nice every time, just wanted another beer the first couple times…incidentally, there is a bar in the basement and more seating. It is very cute and cozy but strong smell of cleaning products was off-putting. Also, we thought we’d have a beer down there before we left-waited about 5 minutes-no one was ever down there to get us one. Might try another time because I liked the atmosphere down there better-less echo. Sorry this was so long! 🙂

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