What Should Replace 32nd Ave. Taco Bell?

The Taco Bell on 32nd Avenue South has been closed for quite a while, for about 10 months actually, and it’s been vacant ever since, leaving some prime real estate on a busy road unfilled.

So I wanted to ask ya’ll what you’d like to see in the place of the old TBell.

In Moorhead, a vacant Taco Bell was renovated into a local Italian place. Altony’s Italian Cafe does a good business in the cramped quarters. To me, this is the best outcome. Losing a chain, fast-food restaurant and gaining a locally-owned place.

But what do you think would be the ideal business to set up shop there?

UPDATE: “Johnny” says in a comment that the building will be demolished soon…

25 thoughts on “What Should Replace 32nd Ave. Taco Bell?

  1. The building will be demolished soon, but haven’t heard what will go up at that location.

  2. Yeah grand forks seriously needs a famous daves. They would do really well if they built here. Wild hog and Dickeys are ok but nothing compared to famous daves. We need some real bbq up north

  3. I would like to see A&W here. The kids love the mini corndogs and the rootbeer floats are the bomb.

  4. Sandra we would love to have A&W in Grand Forks but the person who owns the franchise rights to this area wouldn’t build one nor give up the rights so someone else can. Bummer too since it was always was very popular and would be again.

    • There is an A&W located in the UND union, seems to have all the food the other locations do…

  5. we need something different like long john’s silvers or dunn brother’s coffee

  6. Heard anything on Space Aliens building? Friday’s or Granite City maybe? Wouldn’t mind seeing a Tim Hortons here either.

  7. I heard from several people that Panera Bread will be going there. I think that would be a huge asset!

    • Would be surprised if Panera Bread went there, as I think you have to agree to a bunch of locations before you can franchise a Panera Bread.

  8. There is an A&W in the Union. It offers a full A&W Menu, has soft-serve ice cream, root beer floats, Papa burgers, cheese curds, etc. Parking is tricky during the lunch hour, but if you’re looking for a dinner option, it’s open from 10 AM – 9 PM.

  9. Tim Hortons would be something different that can’t be found in Fargo or Twin Cities…
    I would like to see something local developed, like how Dakota Harvest founded itself downtown…
    I don’t know why everyone thinks we need more national chains….

  10. I agree! An Indian restaurant would seriously cut down my driving time to satisfy my cravings! 🙂

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