Local ‘Caribou Coffee’ Stores Safe From Corporate Axe

Caffeine cravers rejoice!

It seems local Caribou Coffee locations in Grand Forks, Fargo and Bemidji are not included in the group of 80 other stores that will close this month, according to a manager at the GF location.

Caribou is shutting down those stores and rebranding 88 others to Peet’s Coffee & Tea. It’s not known yet if any regional stores will take on the Peet’s name, though.

2 thoughts on “Local ‘Caribou Coffee’ Stores Safe From Corporate Axe

  1. Has anyone heard anything about Panera Bread coming into Grand Forks? I just found a job posting for a Caterer Coordinator for Panera Bread for a new Grand Forks location on indeed.com.

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