Anthony Bourdain talks Marilyn Mania at Minneapolis event

Intrepid traveler, writer and cook Anthony Bourdain was in Minneapolis this past weekend for a stop on his Guts & Glory tour, along with Minnesota transplant and fellow adventurer Andrew ZImmern.

Zimmern started the wide-ranging discussion Saturday night at the State Theater with a slideshow, asking Bourdain about each image. And one of those images was none other than Grand Forks’ own Marilyn Hagerty.

Bourdain is publishing a compendium of Hagerty’s restaurant reviews, Grand Forks, on August 27.

Bourdain piped up with graciousness about our fair lady and defended her against the “snarkologists” that had a field day after Hagerty’s review of the new Grand Forks Olive Garden went viral.

“I think to see somebody speak in a straightforward, non-ironic way about what they are seeing before them is refreshing. I felt I needed to do something,” Bourdain said on Saturday. Doing something meant publishing her book and sending her to New York to eat in some of the best restaurants in the world (and the Times Square Olive Garden).

“She’s invited me and Anderson (Cooper) to join her bridge club to learn how to play bridge and I would love to take her up on it,” Bourdain said, to which Zimmern replied, “You’re getting older and you should.”

The conversation on Saturday night was often hilarious and wide-ranging, from drug addiction to the woes of network television and to some weird things the two men have eaten. I was glad to have gotten the chance to see them.

But also in attendance was Matt Winjum, co-owner of the Grand Forks and now Fargo pizza empire Rhombus Guys. Winjum had a VIP pass, meaning he got to meet Bourdain and Zimmern after the talk. According to his Twitter account, he floated the idea to at least Bourdain that he should come to Grand Forks. He tweeted this picture:

Winjum with Bourdain and Zimmern

So might we see a Bourdain and Hagerty in Grand Forks, walking arm and arm down 3rd Street on their way to a delicious dinner at Sanders? And pizza at Rhombus Guys around the corner? Well, we can only hope.

2 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain talks Marilyn Mania at Minneapolis event

  1. The funniest thing Andrew ever said on tv was back in 2000. This was during his gig on KMSP morning news. They were going around the state fair checking things out. They’re in the grandstand, he was with MJ, and this girl at booth asks him if he is a real chef. Andrew told her, “No. I just play one on tv. of course I am a real chef”. Him and MJ just cracked up laughing and MJ kept giving him crap afterwards. The old KMSP morning show was frickin hilarious.

  2. Oh my goodness — let’s all work together to get Bourdain to North Dakota! Seriously, I think a letter writing campaign is in order.

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