An Ode to Taco Bell

We gather here today to mourn the loss of a great friend.

A friend to some of us more than others. A friend to those of us who, with stomachs rumbling and aching at 1:55 a.m., were sustained by its cheesy gordita crunches or endless hard-shell tacos. Or the chicken burritos, the nachos, the crunchwraps supreme or the Mexican pizzas.

The Taco Bell on 32nd Ave. was laid to rest, at least in our hearts, where it will forever stand tall, even though its Earthly body is no more. All that remains on that hollowed piece of soil north of the Wal-Mart now are tiny remnants: A capped gas line, a weathered parking spot or maybe a long-discarded hot sauce packet.

But nay! Ye shall not mourn long. For soon a newcomer will shine its fluorescent lights bright again! A Panera will come and fill the void that the Bell has left. We all may miss those late night binges of yore, but our sorrows will be placated by bread bowls and healthy salads.

The winter of our discontent has started. But friends, summer and its doughy joys is near.

4 thoughts on “An Ode to Taco Bell

  1. wonder how many national chains will build out by the new wal mart west of town? another taco bell???

  2. For those of us who worked there in the mid-90’s into the early 2000, it was a great place to work. We made a lot of friends and many of us are still in touch!

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