5 thoughts on “‘The Kegs’ Now Open for the Summer

  1. Kegs is one of the iconic stores in Grand Forks, much like the Red Pepper. Wish their could be a second updated Kegs on 42nd, that would have indoor seating for the winter.

  2. The KEGS is the place!!!! I travel 3000 mi. each year – in large part to visit the Kegs… From the ’60s to now – the best double barrell, joes, fries and cherry coke–sorry, i”m drooling already. If you have to wait a few minutes, and can’t – too bad!! More for the rest of us…

  3. Love that place! Their service is usually good. I’m sorry @memyselfni that you had a bad experience. The Keg’s is a Grand Forks tradition, goes back a few generations. Hope you try it again. Wish they had longer hours!

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