Late Fall Opening Expected for GF ‘Panera’

If you’ve driven on 32nd Ave. S. in Grand Forks lately, you likely have seen the big metal skeleton of a building being erected where Taco Bell once stood. In just a few months, it’ll be home to a new Panera Bread location.

Panera Bread

A Regional Marketing Manager for Panera tells me that they’re aiming for a late fall 2013 opening for the new store.

Also of note, it will have a drive-thru.

Stay tuned for further updates on the expected opening date.

Click here to study up on the menu. 

8 thoughts on “Late Fall Opening Expected for GF ‘Panera’

    • So Dakota Harvest Bakers must not be sufficient for you, or you prefer chains.

        • That’s your opinion. Just as long as you know that Breadsmiths is a chain. The Fargo store tries to make themselves sound unique when in fact, they are not.

  1. You’re right. Dakota Harvest is not sufficient for me. Perhaps I have higher standards. I’ve given them plenty of opportunities, and everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I’ve had from them has been dry, dry, dry. I’m not trying to be a jerk here, although you may think I am. I’ve been there so many times, and every time I’ve been disappointed. The last thing I had from them was one of those giant cinnamon buns, and it was ridiculously hard on the bottom. Like, inedible, had-to-just-throw-it-away hard. And this was in the AM, too. Cinnabon makes a better cinnamon roll, and that’s pretty sad. For cookies and other sweets, I’ve transitioned to Oh, For Heavens Cakes in the ghetto mall. Everything there is moist and, although not perfect (How I do miss Bella Napoli), at least it’s not all dry as a bone.

    I’m not saying Panera is great. However, some corporate oversight is not always a bad thing. Plus, I’d just like to get a bagel that’s never been frozen. That’s not too much to ask for.

  2. Ohh wish Charlie’s Bakery and Black’s Bakery were still in GF! They were the best in my opinion!

  3. I agree with coffee guy. Dakota Harvest is not good. Its like they dont try anything before they sell it and everything is overpriced because its a boutique bakery downtown. They have gotten away with half assing it for so long because they are all there is here and thats not a good enough reason. Their knoephla is good though. If you want an expensive sandwich that will shred your mouth go to Dakota Harvest

  4. Alas, D.H. can’t make a crispy boule; don’t even know what a pain de campaigne is, and the “cronut” I had was pitiful (I still haven’t identified what is the filling?). Panera won’t turn hungry folk away, incidentally, and you can “pay it forward” if you have a little extra change…good on them.

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