Panera is Here

So after an agonizing few months, Tuesday marked the first day that the Grand Forks Panera was open for business.

To be honest, I don’t really understand the enthusiasm, so that’s why I’m asking you: Did you check out Panera yet? Will you be a regular? What’s good, what’s bad, what are you looking forward to trying?

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11 thoughts on “Panera is Here

  1. I’m looking forward to checking it out. It’s always exciting when any new restaurant opens in Grand Forks. I never did get a chance to try it in Minneapolis but I will try it today!

  2. Why is it that Grand Forkers are so in love with mediocre franchise restaurants?

    • It’s not just Grand Forks. Put out a good product and reasonable prices and people will patronize the establishment. Has nothing to do with franchise restaurants.

    • Why is it that you think you are the judge and jury on what is good and what is mediocre. I would gather that most people don’t enjoy bad food, so if a restaurant is busy all the time, the food must be decent. I am sure you could name your favorite restaurant, and there would be people that don’t like it.

      • Or, GF has next to nothing in the line of decent restaurants so people go to the ones that are here. You must be drinking the Marilyn Hagerty kool-aid, who said the jail and Altru cafeterias were excellent. Nevermind her 4-star reviews of McDs, BK, and KFC. Point is there are 4 good restaurants, all independents: Sander’s, Toasted Frog, Whitey’s, and Rhombus Guys for pizza.

        • So millions of people across the country that frequent these establishments are wrong and you are right? So I assume you never go out to eat unless it is at one of those places?

  3. I tried it out today I thought the prices were on the high side, so I ordered a smokehouse turkey panini, just the sandwich was $8.79 it was nice and hot and smelled good. I took a bite out of it and something was wrong. The top looked pretty but the bottom, had the tar burned out of it. This sandwich must come with a Dijon, or spicy brown mustard and they laid it on thick. Needless to say I will not be patroning this establishment again

  4. While I agree with the previous poster that Panera is mediocre, the bakery options available in GF before Panera were poor, including either bread from Hugo’s or Dakota Harvest. So all in all, having a Panera location here is an improvement.

  5. While the Panera Bread is still new here you have to cut them some slack to get their crew in can not slam them for at least 3 weeks, to work out a system. The prices at Panera are on the higher side so order wisely. The Green Bay Panera had to squeeze in to an old Krispy Cream and they are always the busiest at lunch hour. They keep chugging along. The food is great, when you know what youre ordering. So keep in mind to be patient at NEW places because they are still learning, dealing with people quiting, and new hires.

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