Bad News: ‘Chacherz’ Looks Like it’s Closed

Bad news, everyone.

After some quick shopping this morning, I was looking forward to bringing my visiting sister to Chacherz in the Grand Cities Mall. But as we walked closer, we noticed no activity. Walking up to the small restaurant across from Rumors Bar, it was gated, with a “for lease” sign on it.

It looks like my beloved Chacherz is closed once again.


It was the best and most authentic Mexican fare in Grand Forks or East Grand Forks. There were home-cooked Tex-Mex specialties and tortillas made in house. I loved the dive-y aspect of the place, eating on Styrofoam plates with plastic utensils, an ice cold can of Coke in hand to wash down the deliciousness. Alas, the place is no more.

With the also-great Mi Mexico closing a while back as well, we’re certainly hurting when it comes to good Mexican food in town. Over in East Grand Forks, Casa Mexico does a fine job and it’s the place I would recommend (the only one, really) to someone visiting from out of town.

One thing, though, that really needs some thought from those of you who might be entrepreneurial: Grand Forks desperately needs more food trucks. In Fargo, for instance, there are quite a number that serve great burritos, authentic tacos and one truck even does Italian food.

My heart is heavy to report the demise of Chacherz. Perhaps the rent was too high and the owners are planning a re-opening? I don’t know. If you do, write a comment below and calm our collective despair.

RIP Chacherz.

4 thoughts on “Bad News: ‘Chacherz’ Looks Like it’s Closed

  1. Yes, Chachez was pretty good. We lived in South Texas for a while; what GFK thinks is Mexican (or Tex-Mex) isn’t even close. Same applies for BBQ. We REALLY NEED a good Memphis or Kansas City style barbeque (not a chain, which seems to be the bane of most of the selections here!)

  2. Any idea if the city of GF has restrictions on food trucks? They seem to over regulate other areas, hard to believe that they wouldn’t do the same to food trucks.

  3. As long as people rate Paradiso the 8th best restaurant on Tripadvisor and consider their slop authentic Mexican food, real Mexican restaurants don’t stand a chance here. I agree that Mi Mexico was great; a novelty in GF: Mexican food not food not out of a can. It never was explained why it closed down so fast. Casa Mexico isn’t really all that good. Food for Norskie tastebuds.

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