Rhombus Guys Brewing Up Something Special

It’s exciting news from some of Grand Forks’ most successful restaurateurs, the guys behind Rhombus Guys.

After starting small in nearby Mentor, MN, bringing some serious slices to Grand Forks and then to Fargo, Matt Winjum and Arron Hendricks are upping the game considerably.

Hendricks and Winjum will be using their recently-purchased Opera House building space in Grand Forks to house a micro-brewery, or brewpub.

That is according to a job posting on BrewingWork.com

“There are fewer than 10 breweries in the entire state of North Dakota; this is a huge opportunity to be part of something very special.”

According to the posting, the Rhombus Guys are working with architects on a feasibility study for the space, just around the corner from their super successful pizza joint.

This is big news.

There currently isn’t a place in Grand Forks doing onsite brewing, so this is a very smart move by Hendricks and Winjum, in my opinion. There are already some people doing similar projects in Fargo, but the GF market is still wide open for something like this. And it will likely be incredibly successful, as the previous endeavors by these two have been.

We’re still quite a ways from knowing what sort of food will be served alongside the brews, but count on it being tasty.

It’s great that they are deciding to invest more and take a chance on something new in Grand Forks. We need more entrepreneurs like Hendricks and Winjum.

2 thoughts on “Rhombus Guys Brewing Up Something Special

  1. What wonderful news. Matt & Arron and real go-getters and should light up the Grand Cities with this new venture. As a musical performer, I hope the added space will allow them to have regular music venues. Good luck, guys!

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