Deep-fried McRib?! Yes, Please

The McRib sandwich from McDonald’s has a very curious cult following, as you might know. It only shows up every once in a while, but there is a McRib Locater website where you can track sightings. I’m not kidding.

The patty is some sort of meat product formed into a pseuo-rib shape, given beautiful fake grill marks and slathered in sauce. Grab extra napkins because you’ll be swimming. Onions and pickles top the whole mess.

I am shamed to admit that I do indulge in a McRib every now and again, when it’s available. Hey, I’m not alone. Molly blogged about her initiation into the Club of Rib.

So I hope you could forgive me for being extremely excited about a new incarnation of the sandwich available in Austria that brings it to a whole different level. The deep-fried McRib, or McRibster.

Deep-Fried McRib - McDonald's Austria via Eater

It’s breaded, fried and topped with lettuce, pepper Jack cheese, red onion, honey-mustard sauce and a “spicy sweet chili sauce.” Oh, and bacon. The company says the patty consists of “juicy pork.” Sure.

Unfortunately, though, the McRibster was only available in Austria and until late last week. Dang.

Would you try the McRibster? Are you a fan of the original?